Monday, June 30, 2008

Where Southern Baptists Shine!

When you read SBC blogs, you hear relentless stream of negativism about the future of the SBC. Some cynics say we need to develop an "exit strategy." One mega-commenter relentlessly bashes the SBC and questions the intelligence of anyone who does not share her viewpoint. Statistics have shown that we are declining numerically and a cursory examination of blogs shows that we are severely divided.

But in New Orleans and Cedar Rapids, Southern Baptists shine. Our disaster relief efforts are amazing. In my hometown, Cedar Rapids, the flood wreaked devastation. Now, Southern Baptists are there helping to rebuild the city. The church I grew up in, and the other SBC church, the one I pastored for over 14 years, are housing disaster relief teams which are involved in mud-out and will be replaced by rebuilding teams.

Last week, I was in New Orleans working with "Operation Noah" an SBC-led program to rebuild that devastated city. Operation Noah is doing what the government and social agencies could not do - put people back in their homes. It is an amazing ministry.

Yes, we Southern Baptists have our problems. There are some things I don't like. But I am glad to be a part of an organization that is there when people need us.


Camel Rider said...

It's good to hear something positive about the SBC.

SelahV said...

Dave, what I love about disasters is the way God manifests Himself through His people afterwards. And this kind of effort reveals the heart of the SBC far more than many want to admit. Praise the Lord. selahV

Pastor Tim said...

Thank you for a good word about our denominations work. Thank you for investing and doing ministry in our state of LA.


Pastor Dan Barnes said...

I believe that there are young men rising up to raise the bar in the SBC. I know several young men who truly love Jesus and support the work and mission of the Cooperative Program and mission agencies. I don't for a second believe that these young men (and some ladies) will solve all the issues in the SBC, but I hope and pray there will be some turn around. I don't have all the answers, but I am blessed to see hands and feet being up to the talk of the SBC.