Thursday, March 6, 2008

Satan's on Vacation

The Hebrew word "Satan" means adversary, or accuser. The role of Satan is to accuse the sons of God and bring condemnation on them in spite of the grace of God.

The Greek word "devil" comes from "diabolos" - "to throw through, to slander." It has the idea of skewering someone verbally.

I just got word that Satan decided to go on vacation. He said many of the Baptist bloggers are doing his job so well, he decided it was safe for him to go visit his summer home (Fenway Park).

We are doing such a good job accusing and slandering one another, Satan must have a lot of time on his hands.

(I know, I know - a theological fiction - but I think the point stands! And I am sure the part about Fenway is true.)

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SelahV said...

You silly boy. :) Thank you for your kind words of support on Tim G's blog. I appreciate your validation. Could you visit my blog and then email me? selahV